Romantic Adventurer

You, as the lone guests in our lakeside retreat, with your own cozy log cabin, can customize your stay with your host and guide. For the Romantic Adventurer the experience is richly blended with a tree house library, tea in a terraced garden and local interpretative hikes. Dine and relax in the greenhouse, or the lakeside deck. Learn to make bannock, and make your own souvenir from beaver chewed sticks, enjoy a canoe trip to the beaver lodge, visit the Dunroamin’ Curiosity Shop, and relax in the Mongolian yurt. Storytelling from well-traveled, quirky locals always available.

Basic package price for double occupancy starting at: $700.00
Includes 6 nights in the log cabin, interpretative community walks, access to a canoe and use of sauna, tree house library, fire pit, and BBQ.